Meet your new ladies night.

Born out of a desire to unite a powerful but disparate group of women in our lives, SALLY is a structured bi-monthly gathering devoted to tackling the complex, often daunting, challenges of womanhood today. From reproductive rights to wrinkle creams to IPO’s, our monthly salons—or SALLYS—bring an elite group of women together to team up, talk shop, and take names.

SALLY knows there are all kinds of women, and every woman is multi-faceted. We are creators, bosses, partners, mothers, consumers, voters, fighters, feminists—and sometimes we cry like girls. Our programming acknowledges all of these fabulous, messy contradictions and promotes a broad interpretation of smarts, strength, and beauty. SALLY women are defining modern womanhood rather than being defined by it.

Equal parts coven, collective, and cocktail hour, SALLY is a new kind of ladies night, for a new kind of woman.